Eagle Eagle-One-Website-2014-navigationOne to sponsor the 2014 Outcasts Bass Club Classic!!
Each angler will receive a bottle of Eagle One Marine Wax As-U-Dry and a micro-fiber towel as part of a special promotional program that we are participating in with Eagle One.  Let’s thank this great American company for their generous support by making Eagle One our first choice in automotive/marine care products and by helping to spread the word for them.


1)  Padgett & Padgett – 12.17lbs

2)  Thomasson & Elser – 11.91lbs

3)  Remor & Wilkerson – 11.28 lbs

Big Bass – Thomasson & Elser – 4.40 lbs  (Also won the 4×4 Challenge for the year!)

The full results and full updated standings have been updated on their respective pages.


NEXT TOURNAMENT (Oct 18th) – Lake Kissimmee (Hwy 60 Ramp)


4×4 Challenge!  (click here for details)

Presented by 4wheelonline.com!!!   Winner for the year is Thomasson & Elser who caught a 4.40lb bass on Lake Istokpoga!



Dink of the Year Contest!

Presented by Boaters Choice.  Current Leader is Simmons and Marion  with. .98 lbs!

Boaters Choice

Boaters Choice Tampa is now a  sponsor for our club for the remainder of this year.    Members will receive a 10% discount on any purchase at their store and they will also be sponsoring a fun contest for the year.   The team to weigh in the smallest fish throughout the remainder of this season will win a prize pack of a variety of soft plastics!     Visit their web page or better yet “Like” them on Facebook and show your appreciation!