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Membership List for January 2015

Hello Members! Below are the list of teams we have registered as of today.   There is one additional team that tried to register when the website was down and they may also be added at the ramp as they did contact an officer in the time required.    However as of this date we have 25 teams signed up.  So with the exception of that one possible addition, our roster is now final for January’s tournament.     If you have not done so please make sure to check the pre-tournament update post sent previously.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize our new members for the 2015 season!    We have 18 new anglers overall and 8 brand new new teams in the club!   Please have a look at the roster below and note that the individuals marked with ** are new to Outcasts.   Lets welcome these folks when you see them!    We will put a members page up with everyone’s photos after the tournament on Saturday.

We hope to have a terrific turnout for the season opener!



Barry Bass Greg Bass
Robert Brannen ** Darrell Rodgers **
Reggie Bush Gilberto Epstein
John Catlin (Tournament Director) Rick Bateman
Gary Cox Steve Sapp
Rennie Gauvin (President) Kevin Wright
Michael Johnston ** Michael Capron **
Jason Kitchens AJ Kitchens
Bernhard Lundy ** Howard Bryant **
Chris Meuret ** Steve Rabel **
James A. Padgett Sr Jonathan A. Padgett  (Weigh-Master)
Jim Prokosch (Treasurer) Willie Miranda
Greg Remor Doug Wilkerson
Gregory L. Roberts Gregory Roberts
Robert Sapp ** Billy Mauldin **
Tom Stanforth ** Don Faulkner **
George Thomasson Brian Elser
Curtis Thompson ** Don Thompson **
Rodger Turnbow Ken Stricsek
Mike Williamson Bobby Phillips
James Whitman Johnny Fletcher **
Donny Bianco ** Tuck Pinchin **
Mike Bedenbaugh Matt Bedenbaugh
Gary Epperhart Bill Braden
Matt Faneuf Dustin Hern **
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